What's the difference between a padded jacket and a down jacket?

What's the difference between a padded jacket and a down jacket?

When we choose a jacket, it is always easy to fall into a dilemma. Cotton jackets and down jackets look similar, and many people don't know the difference between them, so it's always difficult to choose.

The filling is different, the warmth retention is different, and the weight ratio is different.

In fact, we only need to understand the difference between cotton and down jackets, and then we can judge which kind of clothing we need. After all, on-demand selection is the key to our clothing selection! Let's take a look at the difference between cotton and down jackets.

1. The styles are different, the styles of padded jackets are more diverse, and the styles of down jackets are relatively thin. When we choose down jackets, we can't escape the fluffy, fat and lengthy characteristics. When choosing padded jackets, they can be short and powerful, with outstanding personality. Relatively speaking, the styles of padded jackets are more diverse, while the styles of down jackets are relatively boring.

If you are a girl with a high demand for fashion, it is naturally more recommended to choose cotton clothes. After all, there are many individual styles that cotton clothes can make, but down jackets cannot. If the pursuit of fashion sense is not very high, you can choose a relatively warm down jacket.

2. The price positioning is different, the price of cotton clothes is relatively low, while the price of down jackets is more expensive. Different price positioning can also dominate the choice view of some people. If you have sufficient funds, you can naturally choose according to your own preferences, but if your funds are relatively tight, it is also possible to choose cotton clothes with relatively low prices.

3. The cleaning methods are different, cotton clothes can be washed directly, and many down jackets need to be dry cleaned. When choosing clothing, we must take into account the later maintenance issues. For example, cotton clothes can be washed directly, whether it is hand-washed or machine-washed, there is no problem. But many down jackets need to be dry-cleaned or hand-washed, and the name states that they cannot be machine washed.

If you don't want to send it to a dry cleaner or wash it by hand every time you wash it later, it is recommended that you choose cotton clothes. But if you can afford every hand wash, or you can afford to send it to a dry cleaner every time, then it's okay to choose a down jacket.

The down jacket is dirty and hard to wash

Teach you a trick to quickly clean down jackets

without sacrificing warmth

No running hair, no deformation, fluffy and soft

Shampoo + White Vinegar

The down jacket is dirty and hard to wash. Send it to the dry cleaner for a few times and then you can buy a new one. It's too expensive!

Just squeeze a little shampoo in the container, then pour in the white vinegar, and finally add water, stir evenly, pour it into the watering can, spray on the dirty part of the down jacket, wipe it with a hot towel, and it will be as clean as new immediately!

Shampoo can effectively remove stains on the surface of down jackets, and white vinegar is the secret weapon to keep down jackets fluffy after drying!

In addition, toothpaste also has a strong cleaning power!

Toothpaste + White Vinegar

Step 1: Prepare a basin of warm water at about 30°, first dip an appropriate amount of toothpaste with a toothbrush, and brush the dirty parts repeatedly to remove large stains.

Step 2: Pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar into the water and soak the down jacket for 10 minutes to keep the down jacket fluffy and warm after washing.

Step 3: After soaking, dip a bath ball into the down jacket cleaning solution. If there is no down jacket cleaning solution at home, you can replace it with shampoo and white vinegar. Carefully scrub the down jacket, especially the cuffs, collars, plackets and other parts, and finally rinse with water. Can.

How to wash the whole down jacket?

In addition to washing down jackets, drying down jackets is more important!

dry down jacket

Step 1: Due to the special material of down, it cannot be wrung out by hand to prevent damage to the down and affect its warmth retention. After washing the down jacket, be sure to press gently to squeeze out the water.

Step 2: The water is not fully squeezed out. Just prepare a towel to wrap the down jacket to absorb the excess water.

Step 3: Air the down jacket and tap it gently and repeatedly with the hanger to make the down fluffy. If you are in a hurry to wear a down jacket, you can also use a hairdryer to dry it.

Down jacket does not pay attention to maintenance

No wonder it's not warm

daily maintenance

1: Wipe the local area with a hot towel

Many friends have found that the down jacket will become less warm after one wash, so try to minimize the washing. If the down jacket is partially dirty, it is best to squeeze some neutral laundry detergent, and wipe it with a hot towel after 5 minutes to remove the stain.

2: Avoid sun exposure

The protein fiber is the most taboo to be exposed to the sun, and the down jacket will be discounted once for a lifetime. Therefore, in order to avoid the aging of the fabric and down, the washed down jacket can be dried in a ventilated place.

3: It should not be squeezed

When storing the down jacket, do not fold it to avoid squeezing the down into a ball. It is best to hang the down jacket for storage.

4: Moisture and mildew proof

When storing down jackets when the seasons change, it is best to wrap the down jackets in a breathable finishing bag and place them in a ventilated and dry place. Be sure to check them on rainy days to prevent them from getting wet.

Especially in the humid south, if you find that the down jacket is damp and moldy, remember to wipe it with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol, then wipe it with a clean wet towel, dry it and store it.

5: No washing powder

The main component of down is protein fiber, while the PH value of soap, ordinary laundry detergent and washing powder is around 11, which has strong alkalinity, which is very easy to damage the fat protective film on the surface of the fiber, resulting in a shortened life of the down jacket.

Therefore, it is best to choose a special cleaning agent or a neutral laundry detergent when washing down jackets, which will not only reduce the damage to the down jacket, but also keep the fabric shiny and fluffy inside.

Many friends will encounter the problem of running down jackets

How to solve it?

down jacket fleece

1: The fluff is too large, hard and stalked

If the fur of the down jacket is large and has hard stems, the main reason is that the fluff material is poor and the inner bladder is punctured, resulting in the fleece.

Solution: In response to this hair-running situation, you must not pull out the hair piece, it is best to push it back. Remember to pat the clothes before putting on the clothes to make the wool pieces smooth and avoid the down and the down to stand up and pierce the clothes and run out.

2: The fluff is small, soft and sessile

If the fluff running out is soft and sessile, then the needle thread, fabric and machine at the needle eye are not up to standard, so the pores on the cloth surface should be reduced and the needle eye hole should be reduced.

Solution: Just blow it with the hot air of the hair dryer before wearing the down jacket. Be careful not to overheat and blow for too long, so that the pinhole can be reduced to a certain extent.

3: Small fluff is easily drawn out by static electricity

Winter is not only cold but also very dry, so it is easy to generate static electricity, which can cause down jackets to leak down.

Solution: When cleaning down, adding some neutral soft laundry detergent can effectively reduce static electricity and prevent down jackets from running.

4. The filling is different. The cotton jacket is filled with cotton, and the down jacket is filled with down. Although cotton clothing may also add a little duck down mixture, it is more cotton-based. The filling of the down jacket is naturally mainly down, mixed with a little feather filling, which is relatively light and fluffy.

The difference in filling will also affect the weight of the garment. Relatively speaking, cotton clothes will be heavier, while down jackets will be lighter. When choosing, you can also focus on your own needs.

5. The thermal insulation is different. The thermal insulation of cotton clothes is relatively poor, while the thermal insulation of down jackets will be stronger. Warmth is also a very important point, especially for people in different regions, they need to refer to the temperature of their living area and choose according to their own adaptability.

If it is a northern girl, it is recommended that you choose a down jacket. After all, down jackets are more warm. But if it is a girl from the south, the temperature will not be too low, and choosing cotton clothes is enough to keep out the cold. So in the final analysis, you still have to choose according to your own needs.

#1. Different fillings Down jackets are generally filled with duck down or goose down, and cotton jackets are generally filled with cotton or various modern thermal fibers. Because down can be made lighter and more fluffy, in terms of lightness, to achieve the same thermal effect, the down jacket is stronger. Down jackets and cotton jackets rely on insulating air to keep warm. The more air is stored between the fluffy materials, the warmer they are. In this regard, down jackets are generally better. The weight of water is different for cotton clothes, and the weight ratio is lower than that of down jackets. It takes up more volume when not in use. In terms of style, down jackets are short, medium and long, and long, and most of the padded jackets are short. Let's talk about it in detail

#2. The main difference between padded jackets and down jackets is the different fillings. Nowadays, the padded jackets on the market are rarely filled with real cotton, and they are mostly asbestos, which is a polyester fiber component. It's just that this asbestos has the difference between different processes such as sprayed cotton and silk cotton. Relatively speaking, sprayed cotton is much cheaper, while the cost of drawing cotton is relatively high. The workmanship in the process of making clothes is no different from that of down jackets. . In terms of filling the inner bladder, the inner bladder of the down jacket is filled with down, and the cotton jacket is filled with cotton. This is the most essential difference between the two. The filling liner of the down jacket is down. Whether it is white duck down, gray duck down, or goose down, it is the reason why the down jacket is practical and functional. The warmth function of the down jacket is realized by the down in the down. Its cashmere filling amount, cashmere filling degree, bulkiness and other indicators are all set for the down jacket to have a more warm effect. Cotton jackets are only filled with cotton. Although it also has a certain thermal insulation effect, its thermal insulation is far less practical than that of down jackets.

#3. Down jackets have the characteristics of light weight, soft texture and good warmth. A jacket is made of nylon as the surface fabric and down as the filling. The total weight is between 500 and 1000 grams, which is 1/6 to 1/2 of the weight of other winter clothing. Due to the softness of down, it is used as a flock for clothes and is comfortable to wear. Down is not prone to fiber compaction; the fabrics are mostly made of high-density coated fabrics, which can keep more air in the clothes and have good thermal performance. In terms of warmth retention, down jackets are the highest in terms of warmth retention and practicality, and the warmth retention properties of padded jackets are not only down jackets. The reason why the down jacket has been sought after and loved by everyone as soon as it is designed is that its function is too powerful. With the expansion of its influence, down jackets have now become a must-have item in the world. The improvement of its material, the improvement of the quality of the filling liner, and the high-level sense of the shape design have all made the down jacket one of the must-have fashion items in winter. Everyone has several pieces in their wardrobes, large and small, long and short. A short down jacket to match your everyday fashion.