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Soft shell fabric is a new type of material which is made of one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven materials and other functional materials by bonding.Suitable for making sofas, clothing and other textiles, is one of the indispensable fabrics in people's life.

Soft shell fabric is a kind of special textile processing and unique dyeing finishing using superfine fibers, and then processed by "composite" equipment. Because the Soft shell fabric uses superfine fibers, the fabric has a high cleaning ability, that is the decontamination ability.
The soft shell fabric uses the "new synthetic fiber" high technology and new materials, and has many excellent properties (compared with ordinary synthetic fibers), such as the fabric performance is fine, clean, delicate, elegant, and warm, and the fabric appearance is full, windproof, and breathable. It has a certain waterproof function, and its main features are warmth and good air permeability.

Another feature of the fabric is: good abrasion resistance, the microfiber fabric feels soft, breathable, and moisture permeable, so it has obvious advantages in terms of touch and physiological comfort, and the microfiber fabric has poor wrinkle resistance (this It is because the fiber is soft and the elastic recovery is poor after creasing); in order to overcome this shortcoming, the "composite" process is adopted, which greatly improves the shortcomings of the poor wrinkle resistance of the ultrafine fiber fabric. 

The picture above is our newly designed jacket, which is the soft shell jacket.

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